When and where do you practice?

In the winter, we practice indoors in the gym at St. Joseph’s College School and under the dome at Central Tech. We practice on Saturdays (excluding holiday weekends). The non-contact gym practices focus on core rugby skills and are especially suited to beginners. In the spring and summer, we practice outside at a local field.

We will publish a full schedule of practice times and locations in the coming weeks in our Schedule section (Link above).


What equipment do I need?

The equipment requirements vary depending on the practice location, we recommend you bring the following:

  • In the gym:

    • Basic gym clothes

    • Non-marking court shoes

    • Water bottle

  • At the dome:

    • Basic gym clothes

    • Indoor turf soccer shoes or non-metal rugby or soccer cleats

    • Soccer/rugby socks

    • Mouthguard

    • Water bottle

  • Outdoors:

    • Rugby or soccer cleats (American football cleats are not permitted)

    • Soccer/rugby socks

    • Rugby shorts

    • Mouthguard

    • Water bottle

Note that you will not be able to participate any portions of dome and outdoor practices that involve contact until you are become a registered member with insurance. Once registered, a mouthguard is required for all contact during both practices and games.


Can anyone attend practices?

Yes, but we recommend you contact our recruitment coordinator to confirm before attending. This allows us to ensure our coaches are prepared to receive new players.



Where do you play?

Our games are played downtown and across the Greater Toronto Area. We organize carpools to help people get to every game.


What equipment do I need?

In addition to your practice equipment, you’ll need rugby shorts and socks. Playing jerseys are provided by the club.


Will I get hurt?

Like other contact sports, playing rugby carries a risk of injury. Player safety is our top priority and we take every precaution to prevent injuries. During practices you will learn the proper way to initiate and receive contact to miminize the risk as much as possible.

Players are required to wear a mouth guard during all games and practices and first-aiders are present at all games. World Rugby is a leading organization for concussion awareness, management and education, and we follow their guidelines closely to minimize the risk to players’ health.



Do I need to have played rugby before?

No. Our club is open to players of any ability and includes people of all skill levels from complete beginners to highly experienced players.


Do I need to be a certain size to play rugby?

No. Rugby is a team sport with many different positions and a team needs a mix of larger, stronger players and smaller, more agile players (and everything in between) in order to succeed.


Do I have to be gay to join?

No. As an inclusive club, we are open to everyone regardless of sexual orientation. We are proud of our heritage as a “gay team”, and the majority of our players identify as part of the LGBT community, but our club is also popular among straight folks, particularly those new to rugby and experienced players looking for coaching/mentorship opportunities.


Is the club open to women?

Yes! People of all genders are welcome to join our club. Women are able to participate in all practices and social activities. Note that Rugby Ontario and the Toronto Rugby Union do not currently allow mixed gender teams to play in league games and we do not currently have a women’s team, but would be keen to start one given sufficient interest. If you’re interested in helping us start a women’s side, please get in touch! If you are looking for an already fully-formed women’s rugby team, our friends at the Yeomen Lions would love to hear from you.


I am transgender, can I play on a side which aligns with my gender identity?

Yes! Whether you play on a men’s team or a women’s team depends only on how you self-idenfiy. All of the games we play are sanctioned by organizations which have clear non-discrimination policies. Rugby Ontario, which sanctions all of our league games, states this in their operations manual as follows:

… the principle and practice of fair and equitable allocation of resources and opportunities and to encourage participation by all Ontarians regardless of race, and ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex (gender), sexual orientation, sexual identification, disability, age, marital status or family status.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your specific situation, please contact us via the Join Us page.



How much does it cost to join?

Our club operates on a “pay what you can” model. Dues will be explained in detail at the beginning of the year and are broken down as follows:

  • Rugby Canada dues (including insurance)

  • Rugby Ontario dues

  • Club dues

If you are unable to pay the full dues, please see below.


Is financial assistance available?

Yes! As an inclusive club, we never let personal finances be a barrier to joining. The club provides a number of options for people who cannot afford to play, including:

  • Payment installment plans

  • Partial payment of club dues

  • Full payment of club dues

  • Assistance with associated expenses

For more information on financial assistance programs, contact our club treasurer in confidence.

With You.