A Year With Muddy York

Our season starts in January with indoor practice sessions every Saturday at the gym our under the dome on an artificial field. The non-contact gym practices focus on skills development and rugby fundamentals, while our dome practices allow us to start preparing for games. During the winter, our socials tend to focus on indoor activities, with axe throwing and karaoke being popular fixtures.

When spring comes, we head outside and start practicing on grass on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. With the season fast-approaching, we focus on tactics and set-pieces that we can use on game day. We kick off a summer of games by heading up to Ottawa to play in the "Robin Cup" tournament, hosted by our friends the Ottawa Wolves. Shortly after, we begin league games organized by Toronto Rugby.

In the summer heat, our playing season is in full swing. Toronto Rugby games are on Saturdays and are always followed by drinks and sometimes with a night out. Summer socials focus on outdoor activities, like beach days, Toronto Wolfpack games, and other events where we can soak up the sun. If it's an even-numbered year, we'll travel internationally to participate in the Bingham Cup tournament. In June, we mark Pride Month by hosting social events, fundraising for The 519 and the Pride and Remembrance Foundation, and culminating with us marching in the parade.

Our playing season draws to a close in the fall with Beaver Bowl, our very own tournament, which we host on Labour Day weekend. We invite inclusive rugby clubs from across North America to join us for a weekend of rugby and parties. Around this time, we also host Drag Night, our most popular fundraiser of the year, in which members volunteer to become queens for the night to raise money for the club. Following the close of the season, it's a time for us to regroup and focus on the coming year. We hold our AGM and a banquet to celebrate the year and hand out some awards to our members.


Membership Benefits

Membership of Muddy York includes all the following:

  • Expert rugby coaching and tuition

  • Fitness and conditioning training

  • Regular practice sessions from January to September

  • Toronto Rugby games from May to August

  • Access to tournaments (registration fees at additional cost)

  • A packed social calendar

  • Registration with Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada

  • Insurance (provided by Rugby Canada)


As an inclusive rugby club, we strive to ensure that personal finances are never a barrier to membership. As such, we operate on a "pay what you can" basis, with financial assistance programs available on request including payment instalment plans and full or partial payment of membership dues on your behalf.

The total cost of membership per year is currently $480 and is broken down as follows:

  • Rugby Canada dues: $117.50 (including insurance)

  • Rugby Ontario dues: $78.60

  • Club dues: $283.90

New recruits can enjoy access to non-contact winter training at a reduced rate which is then deductible against the full dues should they decide to continue playing in the spring.

For enquiries about our financial assistance programs, or any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.