what we do


We are a social club just as much as we are a rugby team and we have a lot of fun on and off the field. In addition to rugby practice and playing, we have a packed schedule of activities, fundraising and charity work.


Our coaching staff provide members with expert rugby tuition as well as skills and fitness training. We practice regularly throughout the year to give us a fighting chance on game day.


We’re here to play rugby and we have a busy season packed with league games, tournaments, and exhibition games. Our fixtures take us across the GTA, Canada and beyond.


Rugby is about friendship. There’s nothing better than a cold drink after a tough game, and we celebrate our successes together. We also go out to events together throughout the year.


Our coach’s motto is “practice how you play”, and so our practices focus on core rugby skills, fitness, tactics, and strategy.

In the winter, we hold non-contact skills sessions in the gym at St. Joseph’s College School and full contact practices under the dome at Central Tech. At the gym, we focus on ball-handling skills, positioning, and other fundamentals. When we get under the dome, we get to grips with tackling, set-pieces and playing.

Once the weather warms up, we practice outdoors which includes a broad mix of training and conditioning. This is when we can really practice how we play.

Practice Location

Jarvis Collegiate Institute 

495 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G8

When: Winter – Spring

Nearest TTC Station: Wellesley



Toronto Rugby

Toronto Rugby administers and supports rugby clubs across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. They arrange all of our league fixtures against other local teams.

Our Toronto Rugby season runs from May to August with a couple of games every month. Games are on Saturdays, followed by drinks and sometimes a bite to eat. Clubs with their own clubhouses tend to be super hospitable and provide us with beer and a barbecue, which is a great way to unwind following a tough match.


Our season typically kicks off in May with a tournament hosted by one of our friends from International Gay Rugby (IGR), an organization of member clubs of primarily gay and inclusive rugby clubs. These tournaments provide an excellent introduction to playing competitive matches to new players in a friendly, positive space.

Bingham Cup

The Bingham Cup is the world cup of gay and inclusive rugby. Named in memory of 9/11 hero and rugby player Mark Bingham, the tournament is held every two years in different locations around the world. Recent locations have included Nashville (USA), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Sydney (Australia) and it gets bigger every year. The 2020 Bingham Cup will take place in Ottawa and will be an important goal for this year’s Toronto Muddy York roster.

The tournament has a festival atmosphere and brings players from around the world to celebrate their love of rugby. The Bingham Cup is the highlight of our playing season.

Beaver Bowl 

Our very own tournament, Beaver Bowl is held on Labour Day weekend every year, it brings together LGBT rugby players from across North America. The tournament lets us end the season on a high note, with fun, competitive games, legendary parties and all sorts of other shenanigans.

Beaver Bowl is our way of giving back to the inclusive rugby community by providing a friendly, welcoming environment for some hotly contested rugby. The tournament is organized by volunteers from our club who make every effort to pack as much fun into the weekend as possible, with parties and activities alongside the games.


Events & Socials

Our social calendar is filled with events throughout the year. We mix things up and come up with new things to do together all the time, but some perennial favourite ways to hang out include:

  • Toronto Wolfpack rugby league games

  • Axe Throwing at BATL

  • Beach Days on Toronto Island

  • Karaoke nights

  • Pub and club nights

  • Picnics in the park

We also host public events throughout Pride Month, culminating with a march in Toronto’s Pride Parade.


We have regular fundraising events for the team. Fundraising helps cover the costs of running the club and also allows us to run our financial assistance program, which ensures everyone is able to join our club regardless of their financial situation. Our fundraising events vary from year to year, but usually include:

  • A Bachelor Auction at the start of the season

  • A barbecue with prizes and surprises

  • Our legendary Drag Night, in which players volunteer to be their most fabulous selves for one special evening

Giving Back

Toronto’s LGBT community shows us unending love and generosity, and we find ways to say “thank you” whenever possible. We volunteer at various events throughout the year, but Pride Month is a time where we focus on showing appreciation for the people and organizations who support us. Recent efforts include:

With You.