MY vs CRU and Pride Week

June 21, 2015


Saturday against the Crusaders:

We had a great day yesterday. The game against the Oakville Crusaders was intense and a learning opportunity. The game was against their special 4th side;  a mix of vetran players, some from their A side some that have played Marshall Division for Ontario. We struggled to learn how to defend against them but in the 2nd half we had an amazing run of phases, I lost count. Eric, Jimmy and Flavio took the offensive and crashed the Crusaders line making serious gains for Muddy. There were no Trys for our side but everyone played the full 80 minutes and did their best.

One notable and a first for Muddy: Bill Brown put on a MY Jersey and joined his son (Danny) and played the entire match as a father and son duo. Bill and Danny had never had the chance to play together, it was a nice father’s day gift for Bill (I hope you’re not too sore today Bill). Thanks to Bill for playing with us, Bill was definitely an asset on the field.

Thanks to the Crusaders for making it a great game. The Crusaders continued their class act in the third half. Muddy was treated to much beer and a hamburger lunch courtesy of the Crusaders. Our Man of the Match (Jimmy) was chosen by the Crusaders. Jimmy won the chugging contest to much applause. Our thanks to the Crusders for a proper rugger class act.

The good news is that we play them in 2 weeks on the 4th of July. Game time is set for noon, we will likely have a training session prior to the game as they have offered us the use of their scrimage machine so it maybe another early start. Information for the 4th will be out soon.

There was an issue with the memory card in the camera – however Allen and Dru may have recovered the pictures form the game and should have them posted later this evening.

My thanks to all of our supporters and to the trainers who all assisted in the game yesterday.


Next week is a busy week for MY – this is a great opportunity for us to connect with our community, show our spirit, advertise ourselves and recruit. I would encourage you to wear your MY social shirt to as many social events as possible and to wear a playing jersey for more athletic events. Tom has created and sent out a great e-mail as well as calendar for the week ahead. I would encourage you all to read it. He has included some great tips for the parade itself – if this will be the first time you’re marching in the parade I would strongly urge you to read his notes.

I have business cards – if you need more I’ll bring them to practice, the back of the card has room for a personal note – these can be very useful recruiting.

On Monday a few of us will wander over to watch the flag raising.

There will be a practice on Tuesday – this is the last one until the Thursday prior to our next game with the Crusaders. Eric has promised that it will be a fun practice! After practice some of us will be attending the AIDS memorial at the 519 Garden.

If you have any questions about the events please direct your questions to anyone on the executive.

Next Sunday (June 28th) we march in the parade as a team. Traditionally there is a brunch prior to the march. This year is no different, it will be held at my place. You are all invited, also please feel free to invite your partner, significant other, or friend. Please drop me a note before Thursday and let me know if you are able to attend and how many are attending. Feel free to bring beverages of choice. If you want to bring food feel free to so, but you’re not obliged to.

PANAM Games Rugby:

The weekend of July 11 and 12th there are no games planned. Rugby Canada, Ontario and the TRU are encouraging all players to attend the weekend of 7’s play as part of the PANAM Games.

Several of you have tickets – for those that do not here is the section information where some of us do have tickets:
Saturday 11th 10AM Section 115/Row G03 Seats 147/150
Saturday 11th 4PM Section 115/Row G05 Seats 145/148
Sunday 12th 10AM Section 117/Row G06 Seats 129/132
Saturday 11th 4PM Section 117/Row G06 Seats 128/131

I hope that you all have a wonderful fun filled and safe PRIDE, let’s get Muddy and have fun!! John


Toronto Muddy York is a progressive, ALL-INCLUSIVE rugby club in the Greater Toronto Area providing the sport of rugby to the gay community and their friends. Established in 2003, we primarily compete against teams in the Toronto Rugby Union. We also travel for exhibition matches against other teams, and host our annual Beaver Bowl Tournament, when we invite other IGRAB (International Gay Rugby Association and Board) and regional clubs to join us in Toronto over the abour Day weekend.

Our name – Toronto Muddy York – is a tribute to the original name of our hometown. Our team colours – blue and yellow – come from both the City of Toronto’s coat of arms, and the Rugby School in Warwickshire, where the game was created in 1823. Blue symbolizes tradition, loyalty, unity and strength; while yellow symbolizes success, athletic achievements and joy.

We welcome members of all skill levels, from absolute novice to seasoned player. Participants benefit from a rewarding game that is not only physically challenging, but also fosters a profound sense of camaraderie both on and off the pitch. Why not join us at our next practice to see for yourself? Check our Calendar of Events or email vicepresident@muddyyork.ca to learn more.

Rugby is an international sport that is quickly enjoying an upsurge in interest from our community. The game is, after all, about diversity and collaboration. To succeed, teams need a variety of different physical skills, builds and abilities…so why not find yourself on Toronto’s rugby team that is meant for everyone?