Q. Do I need to have played Rugby before?  

A. Muddy York RFC welcomes adult members of any age, with any level of play and experience.

Q. Don’t you need to be big to play Rugby? 

A. Rugby is a sport with positions suited to every “body type”. While the forwards are generally bigger, and the backs generally faster, there is a place for everyone on our team.

Q. Do I have to be gay to join? 

A. No. Muddy York RFC is open to all members regardless of sexual orientation.

Q. Is it too late to join? 

A. Never. Players join the team all season long. While the ideal time to join is in January, for our indoor ‘winter warmup’ practices, some student players are only available in the summer, and vice versa.

Q. What are the club dues? 

A. This year’s club dues are $450 for the year. Special consideration may be given to interested players who are on a limited budget.

Q. What are the winter practice dues? 

A. This year’s winter practice dues are $100. If you join the regular season after the winter practice, a $50 credit will be applied for the year.

Q. How long is the season? 

A. The season begins May 1 and goes to April 30 of the following year. Most games are played during the months of May to September, and we host practice inside during January to April.